To me, a positive purchasing experience cannot exclude acting attentive and sustained. Personally, I avoid buying plastic-packaged goods. Meat, fisch and vegetable I buy locally and from farmers market. I am carrying my groceries in handsewn bags.
As a shop owner, I have the chance to pass on this idea together with my products.
All my packaging is plastic-free, can get recycled and is especially environmental friendly. My cardboard boxes are made of 35% grass paper and 65% recycled paper. The greenish appearance is not just an attitude. It comes by nature. The inner packaging is either paper or it is a bag made of sea degradable bioplastic. 
As an option, I am offering to my customers to receive their sending in an used outer packaging and I name it 2nd life cardboard box. Re-usage is better than re-cycling. Whoever is able to appreciate the beauty of a bit worn out used card board box has seen through the superficiality of high gloss.
In case you have requested a 2nd life cardboard box but received a new one, it is just because waist avoidance has  already been efficient and no used packaging was on hand.

Whoever is interested to implement these ideas in their own shop, feel free and welcome. My packaging material comes from