Wirk•stoff, noun, masculine [der]: 
a substance, which in an organism has a specific effect or which induces a specific response.

WIRKSTOFF Potsdam is entering the second round.
In April 2020 I made my plans real to develop and market my own quality collection of regardful at Germany manufactured women’s apparel. The spring/summer collection went online!
Starting during times of COVID was challenging. The more I am grateful about the positive resonance of customers!
I am so glad that now my ideas for the cold season are realized and recently I launched the autumn/winter collection.

It excites me to take an interesting fabric and spawn something special out of it. Since many years I am wearing mostly fashion and clothes which I have designed by myself. It makes me feel good. On the one hand, I can’t identify myself in the passing fancy and non-durable fashion of conventional brands. On the other hand, I am expecting more from my clothes than just being becoming.  It is not sufficient to me when a piece is appealing for a short period of time. Sustainability and fairness play a major role to me. From a fabric, I need to know where it came from and if it was treated with coatings while it became a cloth. Only by this I can trust that my sensitive skin does not take harm from invisible chemicals.
Mindfulness for individuals, animals and the environment are intrinsically tied to each and every product. Only when each person that was involved in the production of my clothes was treated well and was fair paid, I can have a positive feeling when wearing it.
Almost all of my fabrics are certified fair produced and sustainable organic. All of my lining is made at Europe from pure viscose. I am holding personal contact to most of my suppliers. By this I can trace the origin and production of my fabrics.
During the development of a new piece, I test via a sample not only the look but also that it is comfortable to wear and withstands the recommended cleaning procedure. Only upon acceptance I declare it a WIRKSTOFF and production can be started. Without any exclusion all my products get manufactured at Hamburg, Germany. There my sister in law runs her own fashion design and production company. During product development I already can rely in her multiyear expertise.  It is not an odd that we together have lots of fun during our work…
I am offering to my customers a unique quality instead of quantity.
The cuts of WIRKSTOFF Potsdam are feminine and suitable for everyday use. Combined with different shoes or accessories you will have a look for either work, leisure or any special moment. It is my aim that my offered clothing shall provide a positive emotion not only during purchasing them but during wearing for many years.
This is my definition of WIRKSTOFF.
WIRKSTOFF Potsdam has its own style. Naturally!